Worms In Your Brain

Session One

Who Am I?


A party of heroes came to their senses in a dark cave. They were unable to act as they witnessed one of their number getting a hole drilled in his skull by a Kobold, and a worm implanted within. The victim sat up and welcomed all of them to their new bodies.
Each hero felt a stabbing pain in the back of the head, and saw one of their companions stagger, blood streaming from the back of their heads.

Apparently, all of them had been implanted, but for some reason… the possession had not taken.
The heroes were free to act, and as one, they rushed to where their weapons were stacked, and proceeded to destroy the kobold doctor, their erstwhile friend (whose possession had been successful), and a whole nest of filthy kobolds.
After the fight, they realized that none of them knew where they came from or who they were…

The heroes were an eclectic mix… Wizard, Fighter, Avenger, Warlord and Cleric worked well together and emerged from the lair (hidden behind a waterfall!) and took on the kobold guards who lounged outside.

Tracking the few that got away, the heroes found an archeological dig manned by a shifty gnome, some human thugs, a couple of Guardian Drakes… and the missing kobolds.
A stiff fight ensued, and the heroes made the acquaintance of a spectral projection of one who might possibly fit the bill of ringleader for this sordid worm-implanting operation. The captured gnome revealed as much when prompted – the boss' name is Kalarel, and he is currently trying to open a ancient portal sealed over a thousand years ago. What's on the other side of the portal? The characters used their imagination, and they figured it would be a good idea to bring that plan to a halt.

The gnome was found to have a circular scar on the back of his neck – an implanted worm? When the cleric attempted to slice the gnome open to check it out, there was a hissing sound, and the worm made a break for it while the gnome's body died.
A few quick stomps, and the worm was also slain.
Rooting through the camp, the heroes found gear and possessions apparently belonging to each one of them, so presumably they had been working at this dig site before they were abducted and implanted with the worms.

Also among the items found was a map of the area, showing a small town only a couple of miles to the North – Winterhaven.
When we last left our heroes, they planned to head to this town to see if they could find out more about a certain Keep and also get some info about themselves.



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